Thursday, August 5, 2010

pressed flowers

In our many flower-gazing jaunts this year, I've brought home quite a few blooms. I put them between sheets of paper and closed them in a heavy book, and put that underneath more heavy books.

I finally pulled them out today and arranged them into a botanical wall hanging, using an inexpensive frame, textured cardstock, and just a bit of glue.

Included are cherry blossoms, poppies, gingko leaves (from a trip I haven't posted yet), and other wildflowers. Many of the blooms have faded in color, but some are still surprisingly vibrant.

I have plenty of pressed flowers left over to put onto cards and onto gift wrap, tags, and other projects. The card shown here had to be glittered because I was overly enthusiastic with the glue, but I rather like the slightly fancified version, too.

I've always liked seeing botanical prints hung as decor, but this particular hanging will also remind me of our many trips to see flowers this year--some close to home, some further afield. Quite nice.


  1. Actually, that glitter effect is really pretty! Imagine Christmas cards made from pressed poinsettia leaves with glittered edges - lovely!

  2. how beautiful! i have a dozen flowers that are being pressed right now, and i think i will take some inspiration from you and make a beautiful shadow box! :) how delightful, and a work of art! have an enchanting day xo

  3. just lovely!:-)

    thanks for letting us see:-)


  4. I do this, too! I have clovers and roses and everything else in almost every book I own! I even have the first rose my husband ever gave me!

    ~ANKH (pumpkinniki)

  5. Your pressed cherry blossoms are so pretty. Wolfeagle

  6. Oh, thanks everyone! So appreciate your kind comments. @Ankh, how lovely you still have your husband's first rose. *sigh*


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