Saturday, January 15, 2011

sophia allison

My friend Sophia Allison is a really talented artist. She works primarily with found objects and recycled materials, inspired by her childhood in the Blue Ridge Mountains and her current home in Los Angeles.

Her sculptures and sewn work have been featured in various solo and group exhibitions around the country and abroad, as well as in publications such as the L.A. Times and Art Scene. My favorite is this Make Magazine article on the amazing luchador capes and masks that she creates out of materials such as tea bags, Band-Aids, and even feminine products. Pretty cool stuff! I also love the delicate hanging sculptures she makes out of used coffee filters, as well as her paper-cutting installations.

As an established artist, her art usually fetches gallery pricing for the massively intricate work she does. But for a limited amount of time, she is offering to create small artwork for $25 on her blog. You can view all the details through the link, and commissions will be accepted through Saturday, February 12, 2011. She will also ship directly to those who are out of state. Please do contact her if you are interested! It's a great opportunity to acquire some eco-friendly artwork for a very reasonable price.

P.S. You might remember the hedgehog baby quilt I made last summer, which was for Sophia's daughter. Having seen her work, perhaps now you'll understand why I was a little nervous about giving it to her.

Visit Sophia online through her website and blog to keep up on her latest news and exhibitions. Photos courtesy of Sophia Allison.


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