Friday, January 14, 2011

sweet stamps and cookies

Continuing the Random Acts of Kindness theme, I received three packages this week that made me emit little high-pitched squeals.

I am in a number of groups with hollycm6, and she sent me not one, but two random packages of goodies. One was filled with chocolate and Beatrix Potter stickers, and the other...with hand-carved rubber stamps! That she made especially for me! I love that I have my user name and a little wandering bee on a stamp. I've always wanted something like this because "honeybee" is my husband's nickname for me, but I don't actually make any sort of bee (other than tiny needle-felted ones)--so this is just perfect! 

The other stamp is another one I requested, which is an Ernie the Envie stamp. He's the super cute Swap-Bot symbol designed by Rachel Johnson--you can see his cheerful face on the link on the right side of this blog--and I can't wait to see him smiling approvingly on my future packages. Holly, by the way, is also the artist who sent me those great Red Riding Hood cards

I also received a small box of koala cookies from TraceyK. So cute and so delicious! There are a number of different koala bear designs, including koalas...eating cookies. Asian snacks and sweets always seem to be so much cuter than those produced in the rest of the world. Erm, even if the animals on the boxes have their heads removed so you can see the chocolate oozing out from inside.

It's always fun to receive swap packages, but when they're sent for no particular reason, somehow it makes it even nicer.


  1. Lovely rubber stamps! And I'm sure the Beatrix Potter stickers are pretty as well.

  2. The strawberry koalas are awesome too, I think I like those better. I had them in Japan, but Tescos over in the UK sell them these days. I remember the best one though - Colon's - they're wafer tubes with chocolate inside, and they look just like the name - hilarious!


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