Friday, November 26, 2010

red riding hood cards

Received from a tag game this week: two Little Red Riding Hood cards, hand-drawn by hollycm6. Holly makes a lot of really cool journaletters and stationery that she sells in her Etsy shop (she was also the one who sent me that amazing manatee postcard a few months ago), and I really like the dark, dark woods and lonely cloaked figure depicted here. I also like the drawing she did on the front of the envelope with the wolf peeking out from behind the tree. I'd never heard of the term zentangle before Swap-Bot, but many people seem to enjoy this technique and it's quite beautiful when it's well done.

Holly also stamped the inside flap of the card with a Postcard stamp, so that it may see a second life by turning into a postcard by the recipient! So cool. I'm glad she sent me two, because I'm not sure I'd give this away otherwise.


  1. That looks amazing! And I like that she also added a postcard side so it could be re-used later on (very clever.)


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