Tuesday, March 16, 2010

wildflowers blooming in the desert

What does spring look like in your part of the world? Here in southern California, our days are warm and sunny, and the wildflowers are blooming in the desert.

We set off on a road trip this weekend to Anzo-Borrego State Park, located about 3 hours away from Los Angeles near San Diego. We drove through miles and miles of dusty terrain covered in huge boulders and rocks, so unearthly it looked as if it could have been another planet.

Eventually, we stopped at the visitor's center, where we got a map and drove out to several different trails.  Most of the flowers were scattered in patches in the parched earth, but we also found sunny meadows and hilltops covered in beautiful spring flowers, as well as giant caterpillars, quick-darting lizards, and even a roadrunner running across the path.

I'm constantly in awe of how beautiful it is here in California. We're marking four years here today, and we're happy and grateful to be living in such a inspiring place.

Hope it's beautiful where you are, too.

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