Friday, March 26, 2010

a lovely cherry blossom afternoon

More signs of spring: the cherry blossoms are in bloom!

Here in LA, the flowers aren't quite as lush and plentiful as they are at the Tidal Basin in Washington, DC, but it's still nice to be able to see them, especially in a place that's a little less crowded and tourist-y.

There are apparently over 2000 cherry trees at Lake Balboa in Encino, and on days when the weather is fine it's a pleasant walk around the man-made lake. This year, we saw songbirds and squirrels and swans and geese and ducks making themselves at home among the strolling visitors and picnic-ing couples.

It'd be nice if the park service could do something to spruce up the grounds a little, as well as to get rid of the insistent gnats that swarm around the water. I'm also a little surprised that there aren't more fully flowering trees, and that many of them are planted away from the main part of the park.

But hopefully something's being done to make the overall experience as wonderful as it should be, as well as to preserve the overall health and flourishing of the trees. PS--this is my favorite squirrel photo ever.


  1. I was just in la for vacation and i saw one cherry blossom tree at the lacma! it was beautiful! the trip to this park looks worth it!

  2. It's a pretty nice place to visit, Diana! Hope you enjoyed your stay in LA. :)


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