Thursday, August 5, 2010

giant moth

Holy giant moth, Batman! Look who was perched just above our stairwell just now.

PS--and because people have asked: that's a six inch wingspan. He stayed there for a few hours before he left.


  1. Wow that is big and cool! I love bugs! LOL

    ~ANKH (pumpkinniki)

  2. Oh, how beautiful!

    I had a lovely big moth fly into my kitchen last night, but nowhere near a 6 inch wingspan. Are you sure it wasn't a bird in disguise?!

  3. What a neat blog! This is homekeepingheather from swap-bot from the blog me baby swap, now following your blog.

  4. He was definitely the biggest live insect I've ever seen! It was sort of a weird place for him to be, but he liked it enough to stay for awhile.

    We do see butterflies around here, but I'd love to see more MOTHRAs.

  5. Oh my gosh! I had a very similar sized moth decide to reside on my bike. I noticed him inches from my knee and started screaming like a little girl! Had to have my husband pry it off.


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