Saturday, July 24, 2010

renegade craft fair l.a.

Renegade is in town! A craft fair weekend is a happy weekend, especially when you find good loot. The haul from this expedition included a few presents which can't be shared just yet, but we found some fun things for ourselves as well.

We took home this green taco-eating dinosaur shirt from Seibei, one of our favorite cheeky clothing designers. We also have this one from last year's Unique LA, and they always make me laugh when I see them. It's charming how fiercely the Tyrannosaur demands his sandwich/taco.

As usual, there were some fun freebies around the fair, such as some crafting demos, some funny little pins from Threadless, and the canvas bags I got from Yelp and Seibei.

Renegade, which is now in its second year, was held outside at the Los Angeles State Historic Park downtown. It was a little warm today, but there were a lot of people walking around. It's nice to see that the fair got a good number of local sponsors...especially because it made the event free! Renegade Craft Fair is headed for San Francisco next week, and then for Chicago and San Fran again later this year.


  1. how fun! i wanted to go down and take a peek at all the fair had to offer, however i got buried under unfinished work, so i didn't get to go.
    i love the finds you found, that shirt is awesome!!!
    happy day,

  2. tag, you're it!! :0)

  3. glendas here from swap bot. happy to follow and enjoyed reading your great blog.,thank you love glenda


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