Sunday, December 6, 2009

loot from Unique LA

My friend Lauren and I spent nearly 4 hours at Unique LA yesterday.  It was so much fun to walk around and see all the amazing things on offer. I hear that this is now the biggest handmade craft show on the west coast, and there were certainly a lot of talent on display.

A few of my purchases are gifts that, ahem,  can't be shared just yet, but here are a few goodies I came away with:

wise owl necklace from Enchanted Leaves

I am excessively fond of owls, so I snapped up this pretty necklace right away. I think I'd like to find a narrow, sage-green velvet ribbon to replace the current black one, but other than that I think it's quite perfect.

tiny, clever pins from Fomato

Both of us fell in love with these little pins with simple but witty images on colorful backgrounds. I like NO and rotund the best.

I also found a couple of stocking stuffers for a pair of gentlemen friends that made me laugh from I Heart Guts and Bored Inc. Naughty and cute!

My friend Lauren scored some great gifts too, including Cutesy Poo and I Pity the Poo (also from Bored, Inc), a vintage screen-printed sweater from Stella Neptune, a hilarious "Highdy" plush, and perhaps best of all, she got a sweet little scissor necklace from Jenny and Jimbob that came cleverly packaged in a tiny matchbox. All in all a very successful shopping expedition.

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