Thursday, December 3, 2009

a vintage myself!

It's funny how one thing can evolve from another. I started my last post because as we were decorating our tree today, I opened a box of ornaments I'd forgotten about. They were purchases from the Williamsburg Antique Mall, which we always like to browse when we go visit my in-laws in Williamsburg, VA. It's one of my favorite places to find knick knacks, and just a generally fun place to go poke around and look at things.

We bought these vintage ornaments in December 2007, but they were buried last year and we didn't use them. So it was like opening a big box of presents you send yourself in the future! Pretty exciting stuff.

The bounty includes:

a velveteen elephant on a circus ball
a beaded white satin dove and reindeer
5 unfinished wood ornaments with bespectacled mice
1976 ball ornament
pipe cleaner angel that sits up/curls around a branch
2 sequined "sputnik" ornaments
an unopened package of 3 angels with an imprinted price of 49 cents
a handmade glittery crochet angel
4 paperboard cat ornaments
2 beribboned chocolate tin molds
...and many others!

I love vintage ornaments, not only for their charming look, but also because I like knowing they've been loved and cared for over many years. How many families gazed upon them every holiday season? How did they end up where I found them? These ornaments will join the many others--vintage, new, and handmade--that bedeck our tree. 

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