Friday, November 5, 2010

rose tree bookmarks + download

There are a few different versions of "The Rose Tree "fairy tale, but I think the one by Flora Steel is definitely the most beautiful. I read this version for the first time recently when a member of our Once Upon a Time group chose this tale as the focus for a "winner takes all" tag game we play, in which everyone who participates must send something related to the winner's chosen tale.

The imagery of the language in the Steel version is very beautiful, and although it's a dark story it's quite lovely as well. I made a set of bookmarks for the winner using vintage illustrations and quotes from the story, and attached dusky rose lace ribbon after laminating them.

If you'd like a set of your own, feel free to download the Rose Tree bookmarks here. (For personal, not commercial use, of course.) It's really a pleasure to make things for someone and have the results turn out to be something you can easily reproduce for yourself, too!


  1. How cool! They are so beautiful, and how awesome are you to share a download link?! Thank you. This kind of thing makes internet so fun. Hurray for generous artists! :0)

  2. wow! I love the vintage look of the bookmark and then you add few words of the fairy tell. I design and print off my bookmarks as well. I write quotes and religious poems and love poems. your welcome see bookmarks at others are at follow link:


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