Saturday, November 6, 2010

little house postcards

During my frenzy of paper-crafting this week, I've made quite a few postcards. My favorites include ones made with vintage Little House book papers, the pretty "Post Card" stamp that came from overseas, and cardstock that reminds me of faded wallpaper (unblemished by a blacking mark, mind you) and rose-covered calico.

The Garth Williams illustrations are just beautiful of course, and a testament to how warmth and humor can be portrayed even in shaded black and white. Paired with Laura Ingalls Wilder's luminous prose, it's no cinch that these would probably be appealing to another fan. I'm saving them up for future correspondence, but they would definitely only go to someone else who truly loves Laura as much as I do.

If you're a serious collector with means and purpose, by the way, there are original works by Mr. Williams available at Every Picture Tells a Story, a wonderful shop in Santa Monica that sells lots of artwork based on children's literature. A couple of the original Stuart Little drawings are even available! I  confess I try not to look at what's available too often, because it just makes me want to cry. The Rosemary Wells ones in particular fill me with terrible yearning, as Morris' Disappearing Bag is one of my favorite Christmas stories. I mean, the rabbits look like dumplings! How can you not love them? It's all just too, too much for me to bear.

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  1. These postcards are so great. I know these illustrations as well as the prose itself. My favorite illustration is the one of Mary churning - I remember flipping through Little House in the Big Woods as a kid just to see that picture.

    This might be a silly question, since it's clear you are a huge Laura fan, but have you read The Wilder Life yet?


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