Thursday, November 4, 2010

magical package

Fair warning: I am going to gush.  I received a call from my husband while I was away saying, "You got a box that is covered in bunnies." I knew immediately that it was a package from my new friend Holly in England, and I couldn't wait to get back home to Los Angeles and tear into the box. When I came back there were 4 different swap packages and 9 postcards, but I saved hers to open for last because I knew it was going to be amazing. But even with that expectation, the box completely blew me away.

I'm actually surprised this wasn't lost in transit, because look how cute and tempting it is, all covered in rabbits! Such a tease. The contents inside were even better, though, and included: a dear little recipe book of British sweets with vintage-y illustrations, two clever little pins, postcards, beautiful rubber stamps (a bee! a bee!) and tissue tapeBritish snacks and sweets (with bears, hedgehogs, and jelly people!), children's book papers tied up with lace, two wonderful little books she knew I would love, Pooh wrapping paper with E.H. Shepard illustrations, stamp fabric, a darling roll of deco tape, and lovely, muted fabric tape with a Norwegian doll print.

The most wonderful things of all, however, were the items she handmade for me. I've received a lot of envelopes made from recycled paper, but these were the most perfectly creased and crisp and dear little envelopes I've ever seen. I received two generous bundles of these, along with cunning little Pooh tags that I couldn't possibly give up to anyone else, a beautiful folded Secret Garden notepad, and best of all, a gorgeous Secret Garden paper garland.

I kept marveling over that impossibly perfect garland, with the book papers punched out with exactly the right mysterious words (clearly done by someone who knows and loves the book too), the rubber stamping of crow and key together, the slight distressing of color here and there, and the little glints of flower embellishments in all the right places. It's so beautiful, and I think once I reorganize my craft closet I will have to hang it up in there. I know it will inspire me and make me happy whenever I see it.

I loved every single bit of this box. Everything is so perfectly made, and so perfect for me! I can't even tell you how amazing it is to know someone after such a short little while, and then to receive something that is so exactly suited to your taste. I'm so touched over the amount of thoughtfulness and care that went into this package, and so very humbled that Holly thought I was worthy of it.

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