Wednesday, November 3, 2010

silhouette postcards

I cut a couple of silhouettes for a postcard swap last night. I have a few sewing projects I want to do but I'm still not feeling great, so paper crafting is about as much as I can handle right now. Plus it's really hot here! Mid-nineties in November, which is crazy.

I did simplified versions of templates from Cindy Mindy Pindy's blog, although I'm waiting to hear if it's okay to laminate these before mailing them off. I'm a little worried that the paper-cutting won't survive going through the mail without an envelope, so I'd rather send something else if it's not okay to laminate them. These didn't take *too* long, but I am rather fond of them. I can always find a simpler silhouette to cut and send...and use these for something else!


  1. I love these :) I've started but still haven't finished any of my papercutting attempts. Did you use black origami paper? Great job!

  2. I did use black origami paper...the kind I have isn't coated so the black actually catches and shows white in bits and pieces when I cut, so I'm still on the lookout for a good brand.

  3. I love those, very charming!


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