Wednesday, July 7, 2010

preserving lemons

I've had the yen to preserve lemons lately. I've never tasted them, but somehow I'm convinced I would love the combination of lemons and salt and spices and time.

This seems like an absurdly simple thing, with really some patience and just a bit of tending required more than anything else--yet everyone I know who's done it raves about the taste.

So I've gathered a bunch of sunny lemons today with a handful of ingredients and put in them in a big glass jar, where they'll stay for the next month. Seems easy enough, right? We'll see what happens.


  1. I know you sent me a message about my lemon tree but I cant find it. Ugh. What was it you asked? How much we get? When? What do I do with them all?

    Stupid brain!

  2. What are you making with them? I wish we had a lemon tree...we use so many, and I feel like we could always use more.


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