Monday, April 4, 2011

shopper alert: vintage circus cupcake papers

The circus is in town! Or it's at Michaels, anyway. One of the members of my cupcake toppers group alerted everyone to some super cute cupcake liners that have vintage circus designs. I pawed through a lot of displays by the baking section until I finally found them in the bargain bins at the unbelievable price of $1.50 per 75-count pack! They're adorable, and there are also matching treat bags, stickers, cards, mini journals, and rubber stamps too.

This is going to be great, because I just posted a Mary Poppins circus in the sky pendant necklace swap in our children's lit swap group that I'm very excited about. I can use the stamps and stickers and such to gussy up the package when the time comes. I think I might use a cupcake liner in a craft for a special somebody, too--I'll have to see. In the meantime, the rest go into the baking cupboard. You'd think we baked cupcakes all the time, but it's really just a few times a year. It's so hard to resist a pretty liner, though.


  1. MUST go to Michaels!! These are darling!

  2. I bought some cupcake and stamp goodies too! I love the hot air balloons - so cute. Your Mary Poppins swap idea is wonderful by the way.

  3. ek I love this!!! superrrrrrrrrrrrr cool. I need them too ...Good old Michaels :)

    Come check out my giveaway if you have a chance :)

    xo for the trendsetting child

  4. These cupcake cups are freaking awesome!

  5. They're even cuter in person, I swear...and the price is fantastic! I picked up some extra balloon ones for a lady in Ireland, too. :)

  6. These are super cute! The pink star marker idea is genius. I want to make these with my kids who will surely love craft idea.


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