Saturday, March 26, 2011

bookmarks...made for me!

I received a lovely pair of handmade bookmarks from bionicrobyn this week. She sent me one with a Kate DiCamillo quote from The Tale of Desperaux with a lime-green ribbon, featuring an illustration with a spool of thread.

Since Robyn knows how much I like Mary Poppins, she also kindly drew Mary's parrot umbrella for me with the wonderful quote "Don't you know that everybody's got a Fairyland of their own?" Which, if I remember correctly, was said with a disdainful sniff. I like that she wrote the quote herself instead of printing it, and I like the little sprinkling of stardust on it, too. The umbrella is parted at the bottom so that the two sides of the spine slide right over the top of a page. Ingenious!

It's so fun to see what people do with the same idea and I especially like to receive things that are drawn or painted, since I can't do it myself. Those genes, sadly, skipped right over this particular bee.


  1. The handmade bookmarks you've been receiving are such a sweet idea. I fell in love with Kate DiCamillo only recently because my daughter wanted to read every book that she ever wrote. That particular bookmark caught my eye. Lovely and inspiring.


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