Wednesday, January 5, 2011

gathering honey

There have been a few honeybee sightings around the web recently...

My Little House Christmas stockings were featured on the wonderful site Beyond Little House, which is home to the Laura Ingalls Wilder Legacy and Research Association. These kindred spirits are also the organizers of Laurapalooza, which I hope to go to someday. The goings-on at this year's inaugural conference made me just pea green with envy!

There have been links to my Jane bookmarks on a couple of book discussion groups on Good Reads as well, including the Jane Austen group. I do so enjoy reading comments and reactions to my posts, so I was tickled to see the numerous happy reactions to my bookmarks that have been left in the forums there.

One of my favorite baking sources, Bake it Pretty, pulled my Vintage Holiday Cupcake Toppers tutorial from their customer gallery and featured them twice in the last month. There are just oodles of great products and ideas over there in the BIP blog and store, so it's very fun to be included on their site.

A more unusual sighting was the inclusion of the savory baked phyllo squares I made on the Athens Foods website. The nice people over there contacted me directly after I did that post to offer their assistance and product for future phyllo recipes, but since I hadn't had a chance to get back to them yet, it was an especially kind mention.

I truly appreciate the many e-friends who stay in touch via Facebook and Google Connect and who take the time to visit my blog so often. I'm also very grateful for the inclusion that I've been seeing on blog rolls and reading lists, as well the wonderful links to my photos and tutorials. I don't sell any products on this site or solicit any advertising, so it's these links and sweet comments that make my little heart sing.  Thank you so much for making blogging such a pleasure!


  1. Wow, congrats! You certainly are making your rounds of the net and in such variety. :)

  2. Love that people are discovering you and your talents from places far and wide. Congratulations!!!


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