Tuesday, January 4, 2011

embroidered tea towels

One of the pleasures of swapping on Swap-Bot is that you get a chance to receive crafts you might never get around to doing yourself. I do a bit of basic embroidery here and there, but I've never done tea towels...so it was really wonderful to receive this set from tishous.

Tish hand-dyed the towels especially for me, and chose a squirrel and a matryoshka design to stitch. I really like the colors she used, as well as the patterns from Sublime Stitching. The towels are nice and soft and will be lovely for all those times when recipes call for something to be wrapped in a "clean cloth towel," as these are much too pretty to use to wipe things up with.

I especially appreciate that Tish worked on these over the busy holiday season. I've actually done a number of postcard exchanges with her before, and she's always a fun and reliable partner to get! I'm glad we did a 1:1 swap this time for the tea towels, as I'm going to get to enjoy these for a very long time.


  1. I am so thrilled that you liked them! I loved stitching for someone that had such similar tastes as me :)

  2. Oh they are so beautiful. Lucky you. I especially adore the squirrel.

    I haven't embroided/stitched since my teens. I should pick it up again, my grandmother if she was alive would love the thought of me embroiding.


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