Wednesday, December 8, 2010

shopper alert: le creuset sale!

If you've coveted Le Creuset forever but could never bring yourself to pay full price, the factory outlet stores are in the middle of one of their huge (semi-annual, I think?) sales right now. We went Christmas shopping today and weren't planning on buying anything for ourselves, but when you spot the oval 6.75 quart french oven in the perfect Caribbean blue you've always wanted and it's on sale for $129, down from $365, who could possibly resist? Not me! And certainly not more poor husband, who graciously footed the bill. The price is even lower than it is at Home Goods, where I've recently seen a few of the same roasters for $200, although only in a couple of colors.

The factory stores sell "seconds," which essentially means there are minor flaws in the products--mostly in the spraying of the enamel paint. In the close-up photo, you can see the tiny bits of bubbling here and there, which you really don't notice at all. (Although I did, of course, make the nice man at the store take three different ones out of their boxes so I could examine all the finishes.) All the cast-iron still comes with LC's lifetime guarantee, which is pretty amazing. I can't wait to roast something! I'm sure it will be extra delicious because it will be coming out of this beautiful pot.

If you are lusting after Le Creuset for yourself, there are lots of outlet stores all over the U.S. and I'm told the sale will go through the end of December.  Good luck!

Thanks for all your comments on the Modern Top-Down Knitting book giveaway, by the way...there are so many lovely stories to choose from! Don't forget, you have just a couple more days to enter the contest. Such an easy giveaway, and such great prize to win. :)

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