Thursday, November 18, 2010

matryoshka plush

Departing this week: two plush matryoshka dolls made for a pair of little girls in Texas.

This pair of dolls was sewn from wool felt and are huggably-sized, with one sister a little bigger than the other. Lulu has a wee bit of a wave in her hair and both girls have their names embroidered on little patches on their tummies. Their mom asked me to make these for her daughters because they are a Muslim family, and nesting dolls wear a similar head scarf to the ones worn by Muslim women. As such, I just made sure that there weren't ties beneath the chins, which reads a little bit more "Russian peasant." I quite like their rosy cheeks and their red, red mouths!

I'm pleased with how they turned out...and now I may have to do another one for myself at some point. Did you know that the word "matryoshka" is derived from the word "mother?" Very sweet! More information on the history of nesting dolls here.

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