Monday, September 13, 2010

the owl has a new hat

Apologies all around for the prolonged silence on this end...between having a friend in town and spraining my wrist a bit, I haven't been online too much. And then photos start piling up and then I start putting off the return, and...well, you know. But here I am.

How do you like the new lampshade we got for our vintage owl lamp? After looking high and low, it was Anthropologie, of course, that finally came through with exactly the right print and color and design. The owl is very happy with his new are we!


  1. Sorry to hear about your injury :(
    I was wondering why the internet silence.
    Love the shade! I am looking for one too. Hopefully I will find my way back to the big city where they have civilized things like Anthro :p

  2. Oh, I'm fine...just a little limited in what I can do. It *does* mean that my husband is making dinner these days, though. ;)


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