Thursday, July 15, 2010

hannah stevenson

One of the nicest things about blogging and tweeting and trolling the Internet for interesting craft ideas is that you meet so many great people. If you'd told me two years ago that there was such a great community of creative people online who were so generous with their time and their friendship towards complete strangers, I wouldn't have believed you! But here we are, in a giant virtual community.

Someone I met recently online was Hannah Stevenson, the artist behind the storybook paper dolls. Her work was just enchanting to me, as you might expect since she illustrates outfits inspired by girls in literature. What I didn't expect was that she would be such warm and interesting person to chat with as well. Read more about Hannah and her creative inspiration, in which I talk to her about her future plans for the dolls for Handmade News.

Personally, I'd love to see interesting backdrops for the dolls, perhaps in the style of a puppet theater. And other girls I'd love to see? Sara Crewe. Sleeping Beauty. Maybe even Nancy Drew or Betsy Ray or Ramona Quimby or  Harriet the Spy. Ooo, or a Somewhat Wicked Girls line! Nellie Oleson, I think someone's calling your name.

Photographs courtesy of Dana Willard and Hannah Stevenson.


  1. Ha, ha, Nellie that's an idea! I love the backdrop idea and someday when I have more time than children I will do something like that!;)
    Thanks again Mimi for your kind words and for doing that interview. I had a great time answering the questions and have loved getting to know you a little better.

  2. The pleasure was mine, Hannah! I've gotten lovely reactions from Twitter and Facebook to your dolls, so I hope many more people will find your lovely work in the future.


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