Wednesday, May 5, 2010

a birthday weekend, in photos

It's been so busy lately with moving and unpacking that I've spent very little time cooking or crafting or blogging or tweeting. Things are starting to settle down and I have lots of things saved up to share, but I thought I'd start with just a few snapshots of some lovely moments in a birthday weekend that still managed to be special in the middle of all the chaos.

They included: a spectacular dinner at The Bazaar by José Andrés; a wonderfully surreal trip to a secret zoo (more on that soon); a giant pine cone I found in a shopping cart in the woods; homemade florentines, stinky cheese from the Von Trapp family, and a penguin cup from dear friends, which they purchased at the Brooklyn Flea from STK Ceramics; and one of my favorite gifts to receive--the promise of a present just to my liking, packaged up in a clever zippered robot pouch.

Another nice thing that happened: our niece had her cochlear implant surgery last week, and made it through just fine. She'll be able to hear for the first time soon, which is very exciting. Thanks to everyone who sent along good wishes!

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