Monday, April 19, 2010

a very small present for a very brave girl

We sent off the little care package for our niece last week. In it were a few things to keep her occupied after she comes home from the hospital: two Peter Rabbit board books, a coloring-in butterfly ornament and mini markers, the Peter Rabbit matching + memory game, silly putty, animal crackers, the felt spring chicken, and a small badge of valor. It's made of felt, embroidery thread, and satin ribbon fastened with a pinback, all packaged up in a little stitched bag.

The "brave" badge makes me think of Ramona Quimby, who tackled all the joys and worries of her childhood with intense enthusiasm. Ramona never had to have surgery, but I like to think that if she had, her father might have made her something similar, perhaps with construction paper, crayon, and Scotch tape. 

Fingers crossed that all goes well with our niece's surgery at the end of the month.


  1. What a sweet gift and so appropriate!

  2. Oh, thanks! She *was* a very brave girl, so it was appropriate indeed.


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