Thursday, April 1, 2010

tutorial: peter rabbit matching + memory game

There have been a few memory games floating out there in the craft-o-sphere recently, so I decided to make my own version as part of the care package we're putting together for our niece. She's a just a little tyke, so for now she can just match up the identical pairs as a matching game until she's ready to turn them over and play with the chips as a memory game.

I'm including simple instructions below on how you can make your own matching + memory game below, using materials you can easily find at your local craft store or online. I've also included a download for the Peter Rabbit images I used for this game. Hope your little one enjoys!


acrylic paint
paint brush
sheet of images
18 plain 1" wood checkers
craft glue
exacto knife
Mod Podge


1. Paint one side and the edges of each of your checkers, and set aside to dry.

2.  Choose the images you'd like to use for your game and size them down to fit 1" game pieces, creating two copies of each different image. Print them out on a single sheet of paper. If you'd like to use the same Beatrix Potter images featured here, you may download a copy of the illustrations. (Not to be used for commercial purposes, of course.)

3. Using your a checker and pencil, trace a circle around each image. Cut them out with your scissors. No need to be too precise; you'll be trimming them down further with a crafting knife.

4. Apply a little watered down glue to an unpainted checker piece, covering most of the surface. Place your cut-out images carefully down on the checker, and smooth out the surface to get rid of air bubbles. Repeat for all the checker pieces.

5. Use an exacto knife to trim the excess paper carefully around the edges.

6. Apply several thin coats of acrylic sealer to the papered surface, allowing to dry completely.

That's it! Quick and easy project that may be completed in one evening. I also made a little matching drawstring bag to put them in, although a pretty tin or a decoupaged box would be charming, too.


  1. Very cute! The Beatrix Potter illustrations are a classy touch. And who doesn't like Peter Rabbit?

  2. Thanks Richela! I've always loved Beatrix Potter's gentle illustrations, and thought it was appropriate for spring. Thanks for stopping by. :)

  3. Hi!

    Wanted you to know I posted a link to this tutorial today on my blog, PaperFriendly.

    Nancy Ward


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