Sunday, April 4, 2010

happy easter!

Our household is a little chaotic right now since we're in the middle of packing up for a move. We considered not doing Easter-y things this year because it's a little nutty, but we just couldn't resist the call of the bunny.

My husband and I somehow always manage to stay up realllly late decorating sugar cookies, although this year we finally found very small squeeze bottles that made the adornments much easier. They were also surprisingly easy to fill and clean, just so long as you do it while the royal icing is still liquid.

I also whipped together a pom pom bunny walking her pet Easter chick for our neighbor this year. I made the poms out of baby alpaca wool, used hand-dyed pink felt for the ears and nose, green dotted Bake it Pretty cupcake liners for the dress, a Skippy peanut butter jar lid for the base, and sewed on little beads for the bejeweled leash.

Hope that wherever you are, whatever you're celebrating, you're surrounded by great friends, a loving family, and perhaps even a bunny or two.

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