Saturday, January 30, 2010

artful saturday

Today we had a series of cultural adventures in the city. After a thwarted attempt to visit MOCA (we, um, couldn't find our brand new membership card) we headed over to Abbot Kinney in Venice, where we found creepily awesome art someone assembled with disassembled doll heads, limbs, and torsos. Not for everyone, but I thought these were pretty fun.

Can you imagine the maker sitting in the middle of the room surrounded by plastic body parts? Surely there's a picture somewhere, which I'd dearly love to see. I don't remember the name of the artist, unfortunately, but will try to pop back into Double Visions gallery again to see if I can find it. Strangely, Googling "doll heads cage art" doesn't turn up terribly useful information.

My favorite is the doll head in the first photo below, which is missing an eye.

We also had a tasty lunch of pizza slices at Abbot Pizza Company, where I love the bagel-crust 5-onion pizza drizzled with a bit of garlic oil. Tummies full, we headed over to Zingara, a store full of fantastic clothing, toys, and accessories where we found the perfect birthday present for our 2-year-old niece:

This amazing hand-knit wool sweater was handmade in Peru, and features sweet animals appliqued into little tableaus on the front and on the back. The level of detail is really wonderful, and it's something Katherine will be able to wear for at least a couple of years. There are 7 - 8 inches of snow back east right now, so it will probably come in handy this season, too.

After leaving Venice, we went to the Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood, where a friend of mine had somehow "accidentally" curated a weekend art show.

This group show, titled "Mastodon Mesa," featured some interesting experimental artwork and displays, including a dark cave filled with balloons, a prism room, and some art from Michael Hsiung, an LA-based illustrator I've always liked. His drawings are always a welcome part of every show, and I enjoy the quirky humor that comes through in his work.

All in all, a most satisfactory day. Hope you're having a lovely weekend, too!

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