Tuesday, December 1, 2009

make a babushka plushie

I love browsing craft projects online. With the two Twitter accounts I keep, one for crafting and one that's a mix of crafts, film and writing, it's pretty hard to keep up with all the great stuff I see. There are literally dozens of projects I come across every day that sound interesting. So when there's a how-to I actually remember to look up, read through, and then DO, well...that's quite something.

This cute little babushka plushie tutorial from Cut Out and Keep tickled my fancy, and I decided to make a similar plushie and turn her into an ornament. I didn't really use the tute, but just sort of eyeballed the image for inspiration. 

I used wool felt, vintage lace and vintage button for her head covering, and added the sequin loop so she could hang from a tree. I liked her so much I decided she'll stay in the honeybee household...along with the felt snail beside her.

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