Thursday, March 10, 2011

amy butler book winner!

Thanks so much for entering the giveaway for Amy Butler's Style Stitches! I received dozens of entries via email and on the post and it was fun to read about the purses that meant something to women over the years.

I'm pleased to announce that the winner of the book is Margie Alsbrook. Her entry made me chuckle when I read it, as it was easy to picture a purse with such a big personality that it had to be christened with a name.

What a cool looking book! I am not really a fur kinda gal, but my favorite purse was a fake fur purse I bought on a whim and ended up being my constant companion for a couple winters. The thing was huge and looked so real it got me VIP treatment at all these swanky places in Dallas, but the real reason I loved it was it became a character of sorts among my friends and family. My Dad named him Angus and whenever "he" arrived at restaurants and parties he would be given his own chair or stool (it was more kitchy/funny than creepy, I promise). We got endless laughs out of the whole thing, and I was sad when Angus inevitably became a bit too worn for public appearances. He has now been retired to the "purse closet" with my other favorites from years past, like the picnic basket purse. Thanks for hosting this.

I'm glad to know you still have Angus, sounds like he served you faithfully. Congratulations!

My apologies for being so late with this post, by the way. I've been having trouble logging into blogger, but I think the issue has been fixed now.


  1. Very cool news ... the spirit of Angus lives on! Thanks again for hosting this contest, I enjoyed reading everyone's entries as well and look forward to perusing the book when it arrives.

  2. Sorry to have missed out on this giveaway, but now I'm curious about Angus. Perhaps you can post a pic??

  3. I've put in a request for a photograph of Angus...we'll see if he makes an appearance next week!


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