Thursday, February 17, 2011

wallace and gromit stamps

Sometimes when you say you like something, people will just send it to you. For no good reason except that they're nice people.

Many months ago, I randomly expressed my envy over the Wallace & Gromit Christmas stamps that the Royal Mail issued last fall. To my great surprise, the wonderful Shadow Akiyah on Swap-Bot offered to send me some from the U.K. once they came out and refused to receive anything in return. I'm not really a formal stamp collector, but I do enjoy seeing interesting ones as well as ones featuring images with some significance to me. These W & G stamps that I just received this week are really fun, especially since the pack comes with a paper advent calendar and commemorative folder.

Have you been on the cracking new Wallace and Gromit site, by the way? There are tons of cute games, activity packets, and e-cards available there. If you're handy with the needles, you might try crocheting your own Shaun the Sheep with the free pattern from Purple Linda, too!

I find it really reassuring that in today's digital world, you can still see human fingerprints on Wallace and Gromit's faces. It's one of the many reasons that they'll always remain timeless classics.


  1. I just love W & G! And so cool collection! I've got only one W & G stamp, the one on which they're decorating the Christmas tree. These stamps are all quite small, aren't they?

  2. They are on the small side! It's surprising to me that they aren't larger, since the images are very crisp and extraordinarily detailed. I'm not sure why they were printed this way (unless maybe they though people would use them on Christmas postcards?), but they're still quite nice to have. :)


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