Sunday, December 12, 2010

renegade holiday craft fair

This weekend, Renegade Craft Fair returned to Los Angeles for its holiday edition. Weirdly, it's being held on the same dates as Unique sounds like there might've been a big game of craft chicken going on!

We decided to stop by Renegade--although it's smaller than the other fair, it's outside (which meant sun and food trucks) and best of all, free. There were lots of great vendors there, and we found some goodies to take home including little pins from Oh, Hello Friend, a card from Sycamore Street Press (printed on vintage letterpress and recycled card stock), an airmail stationery set from Paper Pastries (maker of those great Chefs pencils I got earlier this year), little freebie pins from dorklandia and Careful It Bites, and a set of Alice in Wonderland rubber stamps from The Urban Craft Center.

I'd been salivating over these stamps for awhile after I saw them on Etsy but hesitated because of high shipping costs from Asia, so I was really happy to see them at the fair. I love the Cheshire Cat and Wonderland stamp in particular!

It's always fun when a craft fair is in town, especially when you get to eat Korean-style galbi tacos afterwards. We actually had a fender bender on Thursday and then another little issue with our other car the next day, so it was really nice to end the week on a good note.


  1. I went to the Renegade Craft Fair yesterday and had a ball! So many great vendors. I really miss the Bizarre Bazarre not being in LA anymore, so yesterday I got my craft fair fix. I loaded up on some Christmas presents for family and a few for the husband to give to me, hee hee!

  2. Craft fairs are such great places to shop...for yourself *or* for others! :)


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