Saturday, November 13, 2010


This doesn't happen that often, but I've decided to claim something for my own that was originally purchased as a Christmas present for someone else.

At the L.A. County Fair this summer, we browsed through Liliana International, a great booth specializing in Russian lacquer boxes, jewelry, and other gifts. There were lots of antique icons and hand-painted eggs, and best of all, a big selection of nesting dolls.

I've mentioned my fondness for matryoshka before, though I've never actually had a real set before. We found this cheery red-painted set that looks very storybook-like that I just loved, and since it was very reasonably priced we got the set to give it to someone else.

The mistake was that I decided to open up the package and leave it on display on my bookcase to admire for a little while...and then a little while turned out to be a few months...and then, well, they just look as though they belong there, all snug in their little corner. I'm sure we'll find something else nice for the original recipient.  But I'd mourn these forever if I had to give them up.

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