Friday, October 8, 2010

more halloween cupcake toppers

Received from Stevie over at Crafty Cupcake: one set of super cute cupcake toppers, made with copies of vintage Halloween images! I sent my toppers out last week, and was excited to receive this little packet in return. I just love when swap partners take the time to look over my profile and tailor their craft to my likes, as Stevie certainly did here.

The images really pop with all the warm colors and the cats and pumpkins and kids, and I really love how much thought went into this. Thanks so much Stevie!


  1. I loved making these! I hope you host more of these swaps in the future!!!

    I'm so happy you liked them!

  2. Thanks so much! And yes, there have been requests for a Cupcake Toppers group, actually. I may do that at some point, could be fun...just have to find the time to do it. :)


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