Tuesday, September 28, 2010

shopper alert: decorative packing tape

On sale at Michael's right now: very cool decorative packing tape.

This is the stickier 2" wide tape that you would use to put on shipping packages, rather than the less tacky deco tape that you might use for crafting, but they are still super fun for decorating big envelopes and boxes and such.

I hadn't noticed these before, but on a trip to salivate over Martha Stewart Halloween goodies yesterday (which I'll share later), I found them in the dollar bin. But wait wait, there's more! Even better--the packing tape rang up at 50 cents for each 9' 8" roll. 50 cents! Big big score.

I really like the colors, and had to restrain myself from buying all the different designs. Don't you just love finding things you like at bargain prices? I know I do...


  1. Oh to have a Michaels in the UK - it sounds like the shop of dreams.

    All we have is hobbycraft and that's nowhere near as good (from what I can tell by how much people blog about Michaels awesomeness!)

  2. Aw, I'm sorry, Carrie! I do like those big crafts stores...no matter how often I go, I never get tired of browsing all the different supplies. They're so full of promise. :)

    It's so funny--I went to England so many times as a teenager, but wasn't interested in crafts back then. Next time I'm there I would definitely be looking around with a different eye.


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