Thursday, August 19, 2010

vella the sea monster

On her way to Finland tomorrow: a rare specimen descended from the octopodidae family. Named Vella after the goddess Vellamo, the mythical goddess of the sea in Finnish folklore, this small sea creature has been chosen to co-habitate with her new host family as part of a study by the Deep Sea Creature Recovery Institute.

I made her for the Adopt a Monster Plush swap for my partner Taija because she enjoys squid, octopi, and other creatures of the deep. Vella's friendly fanged face is embroidered by hand, and I used wool felt hand-dyed a soft purple with Kool-Aid--which is especially appropriate since her new mama likes to use drink packets to dye knitting yarn and expressed a desire for some. I put together a little packet of drink mixes for her, along with an official adoption certificate and welcome letter (whose shield is a real Finnish one depicting Vellamo). The letter is a little cheeky, but I think the recipient will enjoy.

Here's hoping mother and sea-child bond quickly and will have a long and happy life together!



  1. That creature is amazingly cute! There are so many swaps on swap-bot I keep missing great ones like that one! Such amazing work, I like the "papers" you made for it :)
    maria isabel

  2. I really wanted to join this swap, but I wasn't in the group in time! Hopefully I'll find another one - but your sea monster is amazing, and I love the letter and certificate - really good back story for Vella

  3. Thanks so much! I *might* have enjoyed writing Vella's papers just as much as making the plushie. It's so fun to have a story to go along with these things.

  4. how cute is that, I love the adoption certificate and letter

  5. Oh I'm so glad you enjoyed my swap! I had fun with it as well!! *weeatcrayons*


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