Wednesday, August 25, 2010

the lady who lunches

A friend asked me if I would sew a doll for her niece recently, and I was glad to accept, especially since she left the style up to me. I decided to make a smaller soft doll than I'd ever made before, using pale blue felt for her hair and giving her a modern 'do. She's dressed in a pink hand-dyed wool suit trimmed with vintage lace and buttons, and she's accessorized with a crystal necklace and lace scarf.

I'll tell you a secret, though. I really like how the sunglasses came out, but she's only wearing them because there was a terrible, terrible accident with her eyes when a big, evil piece of fuzz got in the way of the paintbrush. You can still see the remnants in her one wonky eyelash, but overall I think it turned out all right. I figure we've all had our bad moments with mascara.

After all that, I decided she wasn't quite right for a little girl, though, and will be making something else for my friend's niece. Not quite sure what to do with this lady, however, who looks like she's ready to go out to lunch. Trade her? Put her on the shelf? Either way, I'm thinking about giving her a beauty mark on one cheek. She seems like the kind of  lady who would have one.


  1. Lol. She's quite the lady with those shades! I love her! When life gives you lemons, make lemonade... and you did just that.

    I like to hold on to my unexpected treasures until I find the right person for them. In the meantime, they usually just sit in my creative nook and keep me company while I work.

  2. She could totally pull off a beauty spot.

  3. Thank you! She was lots of fun to hang out with. :D


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