Tuesday, June 22, 2010

vintage birdie pitcher

Our houseguest has left town, which makes me a little sad. It's always hard when friends live far apart, and the people I'm closest to--aside from my husband, of course--all live in different parts of the country.

We had a lovely time while he was here though, and being a thoughtful houseguest, he brought along some great housewarming presents for us. Aside from tee-shirts, wine, and other goodies from his current movie project, I also received a Hello Kitty fan and a cute vintage birdie pitcher.

He got the birdie from Brooklyn Flea, and though the seller said he might've been used for juice at one point, I've decided to keep him out on my butcher's block so I can see him more easily. He fits in very nicely with the utensil-holding sheep, which were a present from my brother many years ago. I wish I knew how old he is (potters, please put dates inside or underneath your work!), but I love his animated expression and the suggestion of wings and feathers in the ceramic.

We also got a big basket of wine today from my husband's boss...three nice bottles of Francis Ford Coppola, sea salt caramels, and other tempting treats. It's funny we've been getting so many packages in the mail recently, but it's nice to have thoughtful friends and family thinking of us!

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