Saturday, May 29, 2010

our cats get mail

A small package arrived in the mail this week, but it wasn't for us. My mother-in-law sent a baggie of dried catnip from her garden, and our cats went crazy. Before it was even unwrapped, our big Maine Coon knew exactly what was going on and started attacking the package.

The other two cats joined in, and lots of ecstatic purring and rubbing ensued. Catnip is the one thing that seems to make them forget themselves and lose all control over their dignity. They rolled around in the herbs and meowed until they exhausted themselves (and us).

We've planted a few little green things in pots over the past few weeks, but catnip is another one we may have to consider down the road when we have more room. Then again, it might be too much of a good thing. I don't know how many kitty drugs they can really take.


  1. hello friend.
    awww, how adorable!
    what a lovely and thoughtful gift from your mother-in-law.
    i love the picture of the one fur ball climging to your finger.
    we just went to the farmers market this mornig and got two little patches of cat grass for our furry family members.
    they were intrigued by the editable plant. :)
    have a wonderful day.

  2. Wasn't it nice of her? I hope you'll post photos of your kitties all spaced out on catnip, too!

  3. Your kitties are adorable, and you have a Maine Coon! I LOOOOVE them.

  4. I like your kitties!!

  5. They're pretty fun. And yes, our Maine Coon is the source of endless amusement..such a great personality.

  6. great catnip shots! that big Maine Coon is gorgeous!


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