Thursday, May 27, 2010


Is Ojai the most trusting place on earth? It's definitely the most trusting place I've ever been to. (Maybe it's because Jaime Sommers lived there!) Photographic evidence is presented below, as documented on recent visits to Bart's Books, an amazing open air bookstore, and the Ojai library.

Although the main portions are locked up after hours, both places leave some racks of books outside in case you happen along after they close and desperately need a book. They trust that you'll leave payment for it (or return it, the library's case) appropriately.

On our last visit, we were also graced with a surprise visitor just before we left. It's quite a compliment to have a dragonfly light upon your finger, don't you think? A dragonfly also hovered between us when we took our wedding vows in 2004 (after we'd chosen Kate Spade wedding china with dragonflies on it too!), so I like to think they are harbingers of good luck.


  1. hello friend.
    it is refreshing to know that there are still towns (and such) in this word that are trusting and work on the honor system.
    i like to think the best about everything and everybody and it is nice to know there are places out there where these values are also practiced.
    thank you so much for posting this!
    oh! and the picture with the dragonfly is just too surreal, i am shocked that you had the time to get the camera out and snap this (magnificent) photo without the little magic-maker flying off!
    have a lovely day!

  2. Hi vg,

    It's such a pleasant surprise to find that there are still people who believe in keeping their word, and who trust others will do the same. It's a happy-making experience to visit places like this--as if the big open skies over Bart's weren't enough of a draw!

    I snap pictures like crazy when we go on outings, which is why I happened to have the camera out when the dragonfly suddenly decided to land on my husband. It took nearly a dozen shots to get a good sharp one, but I'm very glad one turned out!

    Thanks for leaving such a lovely comment. Cheers.


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