Saturday, May 8, 2010

crafty links

* A round-up of arty crafty things that have caught my eye recently:
Turn any image into a quilting pattern, from the Victoria & Albert Museum;  you can even use images from the V & A collection, which boggles the mind.
Shop for fabric on Etsy by color using this great online clicky tool. It's fast and it really works.
How to alter a vintage wool sweater for a more modern, figure-flattering fit. With rosette as bonus.
Make a Japanese-style obi sash in under an hour. A great way to dress up a simple dress or crisp white shirt.
This dude crochets. And of course, it's dude-like stuff such as bear rugs and guns and urinals.
* Very cute + free PDF pattern for a knitting sheep from Vogue.
Make a spiffy magnetic spice rack. Love the look of these, but the idea of getting all the spices in and dealing with the overage is suited for more patient person than I...
* Whales, hedgehogs, tree stumps, and mushrooms are among the cute + free embroidery patterns you can download from Lolly Chops.
Watercolor stencil tutorial from Craftster using interesting techniques and materials.
* Cheap and cheerful ABC cup banner for your next party!

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