Monday, May 10, 2010


I have to confess, on most days I just push my hair back in a headband or with sunglasses. I can't resist pretty hair bobbies and clips, though, especially if they're on sale. It's a little frivolous, but there are so many lovely hair accessories around these days, and beaded or sequined ones are usually actually very well priced for the amount of craftsmanship involved.

Some recent items that have found their way onto my dresser include a blue gossamer gardenia clip, golden twig branch bobbies from Urban Outfitters, a dusty pink feathered-jeweled-feather from Anthropologie, and a fancy feathered comb from teeny house bunny which has a secret charm on the underside.

Most of these can be worn either in your hair or on your hat or bag. It's especially nice when the clips come with both pin backs and with alligator clips for versatility. I think I'll add a pin back to the flowered hair pin I made last year for a wedding, which is pictured below. It's layers of silky salmon fabric burnt around the edges with a candle and fastened with sequins sewn in the middle.

I thought you might enjoy also seeing this cunning owl ring from Urban Outfitters, too. He has mesmerizing amber rhinestone eyes accenting his pale blue enamel and metal face. Of all the accessories women have, rings and bracelets might be the most fun for the wearer...since you can admire them as you're wearing them, too!

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